Mining Claim Research: The Best New Resource

The best resource for researching active lode and placer mining claims in the Western United States. Take your mining claim research to the next level!

Burgex Inc. is a proud 2017 sponsor of Land Matters, the best new resource for mining claim research.

As a mining consulting company that is significantly engaged in the location of lode and placer mining claims throughout the Western United States, we have sponsored the mining claim maps for Arizona and Nevada.

We first stumbled upon Land Matters in early 2016 and have since found it to be an invaluable resource for quickly doing active mining claims research and finding areas that are open for mineral location. Over time we have found Land Matters to be our first step for researching new areas that clients would like to have staked. This tool has also been very useful for keeping track of recent trends, such as the emerging lithium boom in Nevada and Utah.

Our favorite Land Matters mining claim research map features

Arizona mining claim research has never been easier than it is now with the Land Matters mining claim maps.

The Arizona mining claim map from Land Matters. Mining claim research has never been easier!

  • Land Matters updates their mining claim maps twice a month. This is much more frequently than even some of the subscription services that we pay for.
  • Active lode and placer mining claim research at a glance. Get a quick overview of the whole state!
  • Topo map, satelite imagery, and land ownership status overlays.
  • Public land survey divisions (Quickly see township, section, and range data).
  • Click on a claim to pull the full report on the BLM LR2000.
  • Active lode and placer mining claim coverage for every Western State, including Alaska.
  • Plus tons of other useful mining claim research features!

Additional mapping resources available from Land Matters

  • Topo Map Downloads
  • Land Status Maps
  • Geology Maps
  • Mineral Resource Maps
  • Water Maps
  • Recreational Maps
  • Historical Maps
  • Real Time Condition Maps (Weather, Fires, Stream Flows)

About land matters

As a non profit educational organization, Land Matters is dedicated to the idea that information about the land should be easily accessible to all users. They have taken land research to the next level by combining many valuable resources into one powerful website.

We hope you will head over to the Land Matters website and see how you can use the amazing features they have compiled to enhance your mining project.

To find out more about Land Matters and to become a member, check out their website here.

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