When it comes to mining claims, one small mistake could cost you an entire project.

Claim Guard is a full-service program that ensures your investment is properly filed, maintained, and monitored
each year, from the County level to the BLM. Simply pay once a year and Burgex will do the rest.

Who oversees annual claim maintenance filings for your mining claims?

Every year, Burgex receives phone calls from very upset people that have forgotten or overlooked the filing deadline and lost all of their claims - and there is no grace period from the Bureau of Land Management. We aim to fix this problem.

When you file improperly or late, you lose all rights to your mining claims, leaving you with zero mineral rights. Any grandfathered rights you may have had are now gone.

Is that worth keeping your claims unguarded? We don’t think so. 

The claim staking and mineral landman experts at Burgex Mining Consultants are here to help.

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Get Guarded.

Request a FREE estimate of your costs and savings to enroll in Claim Guard today.

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By enrolling in Claim Guard, you’ll potentially save up to ${savings} in claim staking costs and refiling fees.

We estimate that it will only cost you ${client_estimate} per year* to ensure your claims are properly filed, maintained, and monitored year-round. Ready to enroll in Claim Guard?

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*The amounts provided are strictly estimates and are based on industry averages. Burgex reserves the right to reassess and produce a final quote once full project details are discussed.

Claim Guard covers

Change of Address

Filing a “Change of Address” with County and BLM, ensuring Burgex receives all current and future information regarding your claims for continuous monitoring

Verifying mining claims

Verifying mining claims are properly filed with County and BLM and working with you to rectify any potential problems before they occur

Annual BLM Maintenance fee

Filing annual BLM Maintenance fee and confirming successful processing

Notice of Intent to Hold

Filing a “Notice of Intent to Hold” with the County Recorder


Password-protected folder of mining claim documents with records of continuous monitoring and filings

Abandonment of Claims

Filing “Abandonment of Claims,” if needed

Potential Amendments

Correcting and filing any potential Amendments that are identified

Protect your property, your livelihood, and your reputation.

All you need to do it enroll, pay an annual fee, and Burgex will handle the rest.

You can sleep soundly knowing you and your claims are completely covered.

It’s time to Get Guarded.