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Mineral Landman and Claim Staking Specialists

The first step of any exploration and mining project is to make sure that your desired project area is open and secure. Burgex has staked thousands of lode and placer claims across the Western United States. We understand the federal regulations so you don’t have to. Through our experience working in many states with specific regulations, we can adapt to any specific requirements for your situation. Our staking experience is parallel to none. We can assure your project is taken care of quickly, accurately, and confidentially.

Lode and Placer Claim Staking Throughout the West

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

The One-Stop-Shop for All Your Landman and Claim Staking Needs

We provide experienced mineral landman services for lode claims and placer claims from filing paperwork and mapping to putting the stakes in the ground. We have you and your minerals covered. Having properly located and staked claims is the best way to protect your mineral investment.

Want to maximize the impact of your staking program? We can collect and GIS map (to industry standards) surface mineral samples while locating and putting in your claim posts.

Claim Guard by Burgex Inc.

Who oversees annual claim maintenance filings for your mining claims? Every year, Burgex receives phone calls from very upset people that have forgotten or overlooked the filing deadline and lost all of their claims - and there is no grace period from the Bureau of Land Management. We aim to fix this problem.

Claim Guard is a full-service program that ensures your investment is properly filed, maintained, and monitored each year, from the County level to the BLM. Simply pay once a year and Burgex will do the rest.

Claim Guard covers:

  • Filing a “Change of Address” with County and BLM, ensuring Burgex receives all current and future information regarding your claims for continuous monitoring
  • Verifying mining claims are properly filed with County and BLM and working with you to rectify any potential problems before they occur
  • Filing annual BLM Maintenance fee and confirming successful processing
  • Filing a “Notice of Intent to Hold” with the County Recorder
  • Correcting and filing any potential Amendments that are identified
  • Filing “Abandonment of Claims,” if needed
  • Password-protected folder of mining claim documents with records of continuous monitoring and filings

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chris devine

"The overall timeliness, quality, level of detail, and thoroughness provided by Burgex in their analysis of marketability and valuation, across various mineral types, is above and beyond those of other providers of similar services."

Chris Devine
COO, Green Rock LLC

tom lee

"Our experience with Burgex has been unparalleled, with respect to the precision of professional services Burgex provides to us, very economically. In fact, we absolutely rely on Burgex. They are capable problem solvers!"

Tom Lee
President, Montana Gold Inc.

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