Mine Permitting

Mine Permitting for Exploration through Operations

You need someone reliable and dedicated to satisfy numerous regulatory requirements of local, state, national, and international agencies. Meeting these requirements through the permitting process can be complicated and, if not done properly, can cost you your entire project.

We are here to help and have the experience you need, from permitting an exploration program to a full mining permit for operations.

Burgex has experience with preparing and processing mine permit applications efficiently and precisely.

Regulatory Compliance

Our detail-oriented team will comb through your applications to ensure you meet the requirements of all government regulations.

Client Advocacy

We look out for your best interests by identifying and eliminating any harmful or unnecessary permit conditions.

Project Management

From developing budgets and schedules to tracking expenses, we can manage all aspects of the permitting process.

Expedite the Permitting Process

The permitting process has become increasingly challenging, and the prolonged permitting timeline can diminish investor returns. We expedite these processes by quickly assessing requirements and ensuring that all stakeholder needs are considered. This helps projects obtain the approvals required to proceed to exploration, construction, and operation as quickly as possible.

Excavators in Mining Field
chris devine

"The overall timeliness, quality, level of detail, and thoroughness provided by Burgex in their analysis of marketability and valuation, across various mineral types, is above and beyond those of other providers of similar services."

Chris Devine
COO, Green Rock LLC

tom lee

"Our experience with Burgex has been unparalleled, with respect to the precision of professional services Burgex provides to us, very economically. In fact, we absolutely rely on Burgex. They are capable problem solvers!"

Tom Lee
President, Montana Gold Inc.

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