UAV Orthoimagery

Step Into the New Age of Mining with UAV Orthoimagery

UAV technologies are revolutionizing the mining and mineral industry, but where and how do you start? To attempt to do this yourself, you would need experience and a pretty hefty budget. Why go through all of that trouble when we could do it for you cheaper, faster, and with accuracy?

We can collect and geo-reference high resolution orthoimages into 2D and 3D models that can be used for exploration, permitting operations monitoring, and mine planning. We use state-of-the-art software such as Propeller, CAD, and Carlson Mining to process your data to suit project needs.

UAV Orthoimagery provides a variety of benefits throughout the mining process.

Thorough Exploration

Drone data can yield high-resolution orthophotos and DSM maps that support mining exploration projects in areas where it is difficult to navigate on foot.

Environmental Protection

Drones have the potential to provide non-invasive and eco-friendly platforms from which the environmental impact of exploration and mining activities can be assessed.

Better Planning & Operations

With an accurate site model produced from drone aerial images, mine managers can now more efficiently design and manage site operations while collaborating across teams.

Increased Safety

With the high-resolution images from drones, you can inspect otherwise difficult-to-access or high-traffic areas of the site, without endangering yourself or any workers.

UAV & Mining

UAV stands for unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly referred to as a drone. When equipped with digital cameras, they can be remote-controlled through areas to capture high resolution aerial imagery. These images can then produce highly precise orthophotos and 3D models. Surveyors and engineers can use this information to make forecasts about the development of the mine and document changes over time.

One of the biggest benefits of the growing popularity of UAVs in the mining industry is the increased level of safety they can provide. UAVs can access and assess hazardous areas by air that conventional equipment cannot reach, ensuring staff safety. There are different types of UAVs (flexed-wing and rotary) and their usage varies depending on the project and desired results. In general, flexed-wing UAVs are used to map larger areas and rotary UAVs are used for shorter flight times to provide more accurate data.

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Our expert team of mining consultants is prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place.