Why Share free mining information?

Are we crazy to give out this free mining information?

When we started building this blog and, more specifically, our section on Mining Resources and Articles I had to ask myself, why share all this free mining information?  Aren’t we essentially shooting ourselves in the foot by providing free tips and tricks that we have spent years learning the hard way to potential competition in the industry? At the very least, aren’t we providing our clients with methods to do things themselves and not have to rely on our experience to get them done?

The answer is yes. We really are potentially sacrificing some of our own business, but we are doing it for a reason. The world is changing, and so are some of the underlying fundamentals of the way people do business. In today’s world, businesses and individuals expect more from their service providers. With information right at their fingertips its easier than ever to research the background of the companies you are working with and read reviews to find out how they are stacking up to the competition. So I believe it’s worth giving transparency a shot and giving away free information that has taken us years of trial and error to collect in order to give our clients a one-up on the clients of other service providers. After all, isn’t our success as a company based on your success as a client? In today’s mining environment it is harder than ever to take a prospect all the way through to production; we all need all the help we can get from each other.

When we work together, we all win. It’s called the sharing economy.

When mining projects are going live and producing income, it feeds the entire chain from mining equipment manufacturers all the way down to the companies, like ours, that provide claim staking and exploration services. When you win, we win! When we win, we share more free mining information and in-turn we hope this free mining information will help you win even more. They call this the sharing economy, and I like the way it feels to be a part of it. I believe that it is here to stay.

There are some great examples and books out there on this subject. One of them that I am happy to recommend is The Thank you Economy  by Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a firebrand when it comes to marketing and I have been following him for several years now. I have even had the opportunity to communicate with him personally over the years. He’s bold, he’s brave, and he is full of boundless energy; I’d like to think that some of that energy comes from his dedication to providing an amazing experience for his clients. I hope to do the same.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the free mining information!

-Stuart Burgess

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