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08 Mar, 23

Burgex Team Enjoyed SME MINEXCHANGE in Denver


The SME MINEXCHANGE was a lively event with numerous exhibitors and a robust turnout. The Burgex Team capitalized on their time at the event by attending several technical sessions, social gatherings, and serving as an Innovator Sponsor.

Over 7,000 people attended the conference, and Burgex handed out over 400 black toy trucks. During the event, several team members from Burgex attended talks on a variety of topics, including brownfield, greenfield, and future expansion/exploration projects applications of data science and machine learning in mining, carbon management and electric truck technology, critical battery minerals, and pure geology.

Lithium and battery metals were a significant focus at the event, with many discussions centered on how current and planned projects will fail to meet demand starting around 2028. The permitting process was also a major topic of discussion, with many calling for reform to keep pace with planned projects in Canada and Australia and attract investment dollars to the US.

Another key theme at the event was environmental justice and community engagement in mining projects. Many companies are taking proactive steps to engage with communities, particularly with regard to water use, beyond what is required by local, state, and federal regulations, to garner support for their projects. As a full-week technical track sponsor for mining and exploration, Burgex played an active role in promoting technical education and discussion at the event.

Overall, the SME MINEXCHANGE was a valuable opportunity for the Burgex Team to connect with other mining professionals, attend informative sessions, and contribute to the conversation around critical issues in the industry. The event’s focus on the future of mining, environmental responsibility, and community engagement highlights the growing importance of sustainability and social responsibility in the mining sector. Burgex’s sponsorship of technical sessions demonstrates the company’s commitment to advancing technical education and promoting innovation in the field. All in all, the event was a success, and we look forward to participating in future SME MINEXCHANGE conferences.

The Burgex Team at SME MINEXCHANGE in Denver 2023