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We’re dedicated to becoming a critical component of the highest value mining projects in the world through:

We combine modern trends and innovation with years of expertise to make our clients more money in a reliable, efficient way.


We have an expert in-house mining engineering staff for all your mine planning needs, big or small we're ready.


We have the capability to collect and georeference high resolution orthoimages into 2D and 3D models, volumetric analysis, and geophysical surveying.


We take a big picture approach with our mining consulting services to provide an overall look at your project from geology, mine planning, economics, and logistics.


Wer have staked thousands of lode and placer claims across the Western United States. We know all the laws and regulations, with boots on the ground we will get the job done.


When you enroll in our Claim Guard program, Burgex will manage the BLM and County renewal process for you, ensuring your mineral rights are not withdrawn.


We have evaluated tons of potential quarries throughout the United States and have worked with regional and national producers across the construction aggregate industry .


Our mineral commodity market analysis studies are tailored to your specific project, location and size of your project.


Burgex can write your NI 43-101 and S-K 1300 report from a simple listing level report designed to facilitate your IPO or private placement, to a feasibility study to support your mining decisions.


An early stage, cost-effective exploration practice, geo services will provide high-quality data to help identify mineralogical signals in the subsurface.


Burgex specializes in generating GIS maps and visuals to help companies gain the context needed to further business decisions.

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The Premiere Provider of Exploration Services in the Country

Our expert team of mining consultants is prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place.

Our Clients’
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The Searchers Partnership LLC
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We wanted claims staked quickly (doesn't everybody) but there was too much snow, so you monitored conditions and had the job done practically the day access was possible, even without us showing you access etc. You filed the claims in a timely manner and we received all filed documents as well as pictures of each claim post and site. Thanks for a worry-free (for us) job well done.
Tom Lee
President, Montana Gold Inc.
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Our experience with Burgex has been unparalleled, with respect to the precision of professional services Burgex provides to us, very economically. In fact, we absolutely rely on Burgex. They are capable problem solvers!
Jean-Pierre Jutras
President/Director, Jade Leader Corp.
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Finding such a dedicated, committed and communicative group, strong in process and even stronger in delivering results, has allowed us to move on many more fronts and accomplish what would have been inconceivable just by working on our own.
Chris Devine
COO, Green Rock LLC
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The overall timeliness, quality, level of detail, and thoroughness provided by Burgex in their analysis of marketability and valuation, across various mineral types, is above and beyond those of other providers of similar services.
Jerod Eastman
COO, North Peak (Nevada) Ltd.
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We were looking for someone to provide a LiDAR mapping solution for some of the historic underground workings on one of our projects. The Burgex team ticked all the boxes: responsive, professional, safe, and economic. The final product integrated seamlessly into our software and provided the data we needed to plan the next phase of the project. Can’t wait to work with them again!

We are prepared to assist you.

Our expert team of mining consultants is prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place.

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Mining News

BLM Fee Increase 2024
Mineralocity Aggregates

Notice: Update on Federal Mining Claim Fees

Effective July 1, 2024, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will increase annual claim maintenance fees from $165 to $200, and the location fee will rise from $40 to $49. New Fee Schedule: This fee increase affects anyone who holds federal mining claims, including lode, placer, mill sites, and tunnel sites. If you have already paid your maintenance fees, you must submit the additional amount to reflect the increase. Once

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miner looks out over a field of common construction aggregates
Market Analysis

Common Construction Aggregates and Their Uses

Construction aggregates are like the building blocks of the infrastructure around us. Common construction aggregates are typically loose materials that, when bound with a binder like cement or asphalt, become essential components in various construction projects. Here’s a breakdown of some common construction aggregates types/sizes and their uses: #1 Stone Description: Largest size stone, usually ranging from 2 to 4 inches. Uses: Used for heavy-duty applications, such as large drainage

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commodity flowchart

What are locatable, leasable and saleable minerals?

Written by: Bruno Hegner The General Mining Law of 1872 allows an individual to locate mining claims on land owned by the Federal government. The interest is “self-initiated”; no act of the Federal government is necessary to establish the right. The locator has a valid interest in such land, as long as Although the Bureau of Land Management may challenge the validity of a mining claim for failure to comply

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