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09 Aug, 23

Common Sense Sustainable Development: Advancing Toward a Sustainable Future


In today’s world, sustainability has become an overly politicized topic, often leaving us divided into opposing camps, either for or against it. However, at its core, sustainability is simply common sense – a collective effort to secure a better future for generations to come. As the CEO of Burgex Mining Consultants, I am committed to promoting responsible mineral exploration, extraction, and processing while highlighting the opportunities it presents for a sustainable future.

At the heart of sustainable development lies a fundamental principle: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

This definition, put forth by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, resonates with me personally, as I cherish the time spent with my grandchildren and want to ensure that they inherit a world with ample resources and opportunities.

CEO of Burgex Mining Consultants, Chris Summers

The Current Challenges

As we look at the challenges facing us today, several critical issues come to the forefront:

  1. Domestic Supply of Critical Minerals: Our reliance on imports for critical minerals poses significant risks to national security and economic stability. Developing a robust domestic supply chain for these minerals is imperative.
  2. Unsafe and Unregulated Countries: Sourcing minerals from countries with lax environmental and social regulations can perpetuate human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Responsible mining practices are vital to address these concerns.
  3. Energy Transition: The global shift towards cleaner energy sources demands an increased supply of certain minerals like lithium, cobalt, and rare earth elements. Ensuring a responsible and sustainable supply chain for these minerals is essential.
  4. Defense: A secure and reliable supply of critical minerals is crucial for the defense industry to maintain national security and technological advancement.

The Opportunities

Despite the challenges, there are significant opportunities that arise from promoting common sense sustainable development in the mineral industry:

  1. Secure Supply Chain: Developing a domestic supply chain for critical minerals enhances our resilience against global trade disruptions and ensures a stable supply for various industries.
  2. Local Economic Benefits: Responsible mineral exploration, mining, and processing create jobs and stimulate local economic growth, benefiting communities and regions.
  3. Wide Range of Careers: The mineral industry offers diverse career paths, spanning scientific research, skilled trades, business management, and labor, contributing to a thriving workforce.

Embracing Common Sense Sustainability

Striving for sustainability in mineral operations is, in fact, common sense. The United States and its allies maintain stringent environmental and social standards, making it almost impossible not to mine responsibly. Moreover, any successful pursuit of energy and climate goals relies heavily on the availability of essential minerals, emphasizing their critical role in sustainable development.

Rather than politicizing sustainability, let us unite behind the challenges and opportunities it presents. As the CEO of Burgex Mining Consultants, I take immense pride in leading a team with a stated mission to advance toward a sustainable future. Our core purpose centers on promoting responsible mineral exploration, extraction, and processing both within the United States and in collaboration with our allies.

Together, we aim to develop a reliable and independent supply chain, alleviating concerns for the future and ensuring that our future generations won’t inherit the same challenges we face today. By embracing common sense sustainability, we can forge a path towards a brighter, more sustainable world that benefits us all. Join us in this endeavor, and let’s create a future we can all be proud to pass on to the generations that follow.