How to Stake a Mining Claim

claim staking

Congratulations, Prospector! You found a piece of land worth claiming. But do you know how to properly stake a mining claim? When claim staking a federal mining claim on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or Forest Service lands, there are a couple of key steps you must take to ensure your claim will be…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Mining Consultant

Wooden Staircase inside Mine

When hiring a mining consultant, it is essential to consider your project goals as you research and educate yourself about the company you select to complete it. At Burgex, we will guide you in every step to ensure you have the proper plan in place for your project. We tailor our services to fit your…

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Stake a claim: It’s your right!

The West was built on the backs of prospectors and mules. These brave men, and even a few women, risked everything to scour the hills and streams of the Western U.S. in search of fortune. At the time, gold, silver, and copper rushes were the best opportunity to really make it big. A lucky handful…

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Staking Services are 20% Off!

Stake those Gold Claims

For a limited time we are offering 20% off all landman and staking services on projects of 10 claims or more. Have you been waiting for a sign to stake those gold claims and get started on your mineral exploration project? Well, that time is here… It’s 2016! Oil prices have fallen, global markets are…

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Dangerous Data: The Value of Abandoned Mines


Abandoned mines are often demonized, sometimes rightly so, for their numerous dangers. From false floors and falling rock to rattlesnakes and unused blasting caps underfoot, there are a lot of reasons to stay out of them unless you have experience and proper equipment at your side. So with all of these dangers, why would you choose…

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