The Importance of Mine Planning

mine planning

Starting a mining project is no small task. It requires strategic planning, preparing, and execution – but why? Having a strategic mine plan set into place is key to establishing your project’s economic and technical direction. Your strategy should encompass economic, environmental, and social aspects and strive for success in all areas. Unfortunately, many times…

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Is There Gold in Those Hills?


The search for precious metals, specifically gold (Au), has a storied history. Early cultures produced fashionable objects known for their beautiful designs incorporating gold. Throughout human history, technology has been at the forefront of the discovery, evaluation, and production of gold from the Earth’s crust. Most recently, the price of gold has approached $2100/oz. The…

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4 Tips for Using a Portable XRF Analyzer

xrf analyzer

At first blush, the portable XRF analyzer seems like a magical field tool for prospecting and conducting mineral exploration. While this can be somewhat true in the investigation of certain mineral commodities (in conjunction with proper sample preparation and procedure), there are other situations in which the XRF is less useful directly but can still…

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Carlson Software

Curved Road on Mountain

The Carlson add-on to the Autodesk AutoCAD software is a powerful tool in the mine planning and mine design portion of mine engineering for a site. Burgex utilizes several modules of the Carlson software when evaluating current and future mine/quarry locations. The process can vary from site to site as location circumstances change and the…

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4 Reasons to Hire a Mining Consultant

Wooden Staircase inside Mine

When hiring a mining consultant, it is essential to consider your project goals as you research and educate yourself about the company you select to complete it. At Burgex, we will guide you in every step to ensure you have the proper plan in place for your project. We tailor our services to fit your…

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An Overview of GIS Mapping & Mining

GIS Mapping

GIS has one purpose: To quickly and easily answer questions about your data related to location. A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visual content. With this unique capability, GIS mapping reveals deeper insights into data, helping users make smarter decisions. This data can analyze a subject to…

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Mining Engineering Services by Burgex Inc.

A picture of a laptop at a mine site. Burgex Inc. now offers mining engineering services

Burgex Inc. is pleased to announce that we offer in-house mining engineering services! Utilizing the latest in mine engineering software and technology, including UAV use for data collection, the Burgex Engineering and Consulting team is well suited for taking on a variety of mine engineering projects. From mine planning, to overburden stockpile design, cost modelling,…

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