A New Sand Frontier: Western Sands Utah

Western Sands has hired Burgex Inc. to be their primary consultant on their Utah frac sand project.

This article was written by Jen Casebier from Down Hole Trader. Burgex Inc. has been a primary consultant to Western Sands, LLC and provides claim staking services, preliminary sampling, and testing services. Although we have been in a long stretch of lower oil prices, mergers, and company closures, someday sand demand will rise again.   The number of…

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The Rise of Frac Sand and Mineral Exploration

Miner inspecting the ground

The economic tremors of the U.S. shale boom have given a boost to mining and exploration for a few different minerals. Drilling grade barite and bentonite prices have been rising, but there is another commodity that has seen a massive rise in demand, pricing, and new mine development: FRAC SAND. What is frac sand? Simply put, it is…

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