The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Picking an Assay Lab

We try to use local small businesses as much as possible for our supplies and services. This is part of the core fundamentals that make up our thinking, we started out as a small local business and like to give back in the form of providing others with our business in turn. We support many local…

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Dangerous Data: The Value of Abandoned Mines


Abandoned mines are often demonized, sometimes rightly so, for their numerous dangers. From false floors and falling rock to rattlesnakes and unused blasting caps underfoot, there are a lot of reasons to stay out of them unless you have experience and proper equipment at your side. So with all of these dangers, why would you choose…

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Mining Due Diligence: Reducing Risk as an Investor

mine investor due diligence services provided by Burgex Inc.

Mineral exploration is an investment, and like any investment, due diligence is the key to reducing risk. With so much hype and focus on potential returns in the millions or even billions of dollars it is easy for investors and potential investors to lose their grip on reality and the basic economics that are a…

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