Mineral Exploration and GIS

Anomalous Gold

The two components of a binary explosive are generally very safe when they stand alone, but when they are combined, they create a powerful explosive that can be used to move mountains. The world is full of powerful combinations like this. One of these, is the combination of GIS when applied to the field of…

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The United States of Industrial Minerals: Map

Industrial Mineral Producing Areas of the United States

The United States of Industrial Minerals It takes a lot of industrial minerals to keep the world economy rolling along. Hundreds of millions of tons of these quarrying and mining products are consumed every year across the globe. Industrial minerals are an often overlooked and less glamorous component of the mining world, but they are critical…

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Finding Prospects: U.S. Import Reliance Minerals


In response to the mining project development flowchart that we recently posted we have received many excellent comments. A few of these comments indicated that developing a more complex flowchart may be in order for the future. In the mean time, we have decided to expand upon some of these comments with additional articles and ideas…

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A New Sand Frontier: Western Sands Utah

Western Sands has hired Burgex Inc. to be their primary consultant on their Utah frac sand project.

This article was written by Jen Casebier from Down Hole Trader. Burgex Inc. has been a primary consultant to Western Sands, LLC and provides claim staking services, preliminary sampling, and testing services. Although we have been in a long stretch of lower oil prices, mergers, and company closures, someday sand demand will rise again.   The number of…

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Finding Federal Land Open for Prospecting

Land Status Map

Whether you are looking for marble, industrial minerals, or precious metals, the process is the same. Finding federal land open for prospecting is a simple research process, but it is one that is critical for the success of your exploration project. Once you have picked a commodity and narrowed down a region where you would like…

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Mining Project Development Flowchart

Mining Project Development Flowchart

The process of mining project development can be complex. It can be confusing when viewed through the eyes of an outsider or  beginner to the industry. We created this flowchart with the goal of helping those who would like to get a better understanding of the mining process. It covers the major steps from taking…

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Money On Monday: The State of Mineral Exploration Financing

Mineral Exploration

Lets talk about one of my favorite subjects, mineral exploration financing! The other day I was speaking with a colleague of ours, a consulting geologist, over dinner. We were both in Nevada wrapping up an underground sampling program and having a candid conversation about the current state of financing for mineral exploration and mining projects.…

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MineFly: Aerial Mapping & Contour Product Services from EnviroMine Inc.


Aerial Mapping & Contour Product Services MineFLY™ is a suite of products developed through the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone. The available suite of products include high quality, low cost: High Resolution Aerial Photos Digital Orthophotography Contour Product Deliverables Stockpile Volume Inventories Mineral Reserve Estimates Reclamation Grading Conformance…

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Pilot Gold: Exploration Rockstars

Pilot Gold exploration rockstars

Please pardon my pun in the title, but Pilot Gold ready does rock the rocks. I have been following Pilot for several years now and have consistently been impressed by their work. Not only does Pilot have a phenomenal track record, but potentially more impressive is the fact that they are currently drilling and involved…

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Why Share free mining information?

free mining

Are we crazy to give out this free mining information? When we started building this blog and, more specifically, our section on Mining Resources and Articles I had to ask myself, why share all this free mining information?  Aren’t we essentially shooting ourselves in the foot by providing free tips and tricks that we have spent years learning…

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