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Pilot Gold: Exploration Rockstars

Please pardon my pun in the title, but Pilot Gold ready does rock the rocks. I have been following Pilot for several years now and have consistently been impressed by their work. Not only does Pilot have a phenomenal track record, but potentially more impressive is the fact that they are currently drilling and involved in other serious exploration while most of the market sits idle. Their shareholders and backers know they can deliver, because they almost always do!

Pilot Gold Highlights:

  • The team at Pilot are the same guys who built Fronteer Gold which was¬†acquired in 2011 by Newmont Mining Corporation for 2.3 BILLION dollars. Over a decade, the Fronteer team grew the company from a $2-million start-up into a well-funded and high-profile gold development company that discovered or advanced seven deposits.
  • Not only did the team from Pilot sell their former company for 2.3 BILLION dollars, but they discovered an entirely new type of mineral deposit at Long Canyon in the Pequop Mountains of Nevada. The Long Canyon deposit is unique in a lot of ways, but Pilot knows it’s not the only deposit of it’s type and that’s why they keep exploring! Newmont is currently developing the Long Canyon deposit into a full blown mine that will be a major producer for the company for years to come. When Pilot comes knocking on Newmont’s door with another deposit, you can bet they are going to be answering! What deposit could they potentially be offering up to a major like Newmont? Kinsley.
  • Kinsley is the newest Carlin/Long Canyon deposit being explored by Pilot. This deposit has already proven up some very impressive results through their drilling and exploration and they still have 80% of the property left to explore!
  • In addition to Kinsley, Pilot is having great success with a few other projects, such as Goldstrike in Utah. They also have several other projects in the pipeline that they will be exploring as they push some of these bigger projects along.

Why do they Rock?

One word: Science. These guys aren’t afraid to dig deep, study hard, and get answers. They don’t just follow around other companies and copy what they are doing; these guys get out and use their skilled team of geologists to find deposits in places where others either haven’t looked, or have missed entirely. Not only do they employ cutting edge theories and exploration techniques, but they thoroughly document the work that they have done. I have spent hours reading over their technical reports and have been very impressed by the level of detail and methodology that they apply to the work that they do. Keep an eye on Pilot Gold, these guys really do rock! -Stuart Burgess Disclaimer: No, Pilot Gold did not pay for this article nor do I have any ownership or holdings in Pilot Gold . I am just a fan of good solid work, and that’s exactly what they have been delivering.