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Mining Project Development Flowchart

Mining Project Development Flowchart
Please enjoy this mining project development flowchart presented by Burgex Inc. Clicking on this chart will pull up a larger version that can be magnified and downloaded.
The process of mining project development can be complex. It can be confusing when viewed through the eyes of an outsider or  beginner to the industry. We created this flowchart with the goal of helping those who would like to get a better understanding of the mining process. It covers the major steps from taking a project from preliminary sampling and exploration all the way through permitting and production. This chart is oversimplified in a few ways. One of the major over-simplifications that will be immediately obvious to industry veterans is the lack of funding stages. Those stages, if they were to be included in the chart, would be placed between almost every major step of the process. To make the chart easier to read we have left out funding stages and assume that you have a large amount of capital when you begin at the top of the chart. There are several minor stages involved in many of the steps presented in this flowchart. These stages have also been omitted in the name of simplification. For example, the preliminary sampling, mineral rights acquisition, exploration program, permitting, and economic studies stages will all usually involve many smaller steps. In the future we will explore expounding upon some of these individual stages in their own flowcharts. If you enjoy this mining project development flowchart, feel free to share it on your favorite social media site, blogs, and with friends and colleagues via email. We are exploring the option of making large poster copies available for purchase, if you may be interested in this option please contact us and let us know. 

Download the Mining Project Development Flowchart Here!

Burgex Inc. has experience with all of the processes involved in mining project development. We would be happy to help you with any steps of this process or even provide consulting from top to bottom. Contact us for a free estimate!