How are mining and mineral exploration projects valued?

Today I had an appraiser come to my house to take pictures and measurements. His appraisal will be relied upon by the mortgage company when they underwrite my refinance. This appraisal is important to the mortgage company. It gives them confidence that the value of my home is worth more than the money they are…

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5 Common Mistakes Made With Mining Claims

mining claims

1. Misunderstanding Maintenance Fees and the September 1st BLM Due Date September 1st is the most important date to remember for mining claims – this is the date when maintenance fees are due. This is a hard deadline.  There is NO GRACE PERIOD for claims that miss the September 1st deadline All claim maintenance payments…

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Cobalt: A Resurging Commodity


Cobalt is en vogue in mineral exploration because of its position as a strategic resource. The increased global demand for battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) has been reflected in the price surge in the market for all battery minerals, especially cobalt. As a principal component of BEVs, exploration for cobalt deposits is critical for continued progress…

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