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06 Oct, 22

Mineralocity Aggregates October Newsletter


Mineralocity Aggregates, Burgex and the Resource Sector 

By: Chris Guenther, Director of Finance Burgex Inc.

Why resources? We provide expertise and clarity that help our clients discover and expand their mineral resource projects. This sector is the lifeblood, the oxygen for all of modern civilization. There is no technology, no infrastructure, no powered transportation, no communications or advancement without resources. What Mineralocity Aggregates and Burgex provide is vital for human civilization and modern technology as we know it today.

It is not only critical services we provide to humanity globally, but it’s also an amazing and exciting sector. As the premier provider of exploration services, we get paid to find the “easter eggs” that mother nature has left for us in the earth’s crust – literally helping clients find mines with precious metals, greenfield sites with rich potential and streamlining the aggregates industry.

We are in a unique position to set the tone for resource exploration done the right way, and that is huge! Burgex has built a reputation for integrity and honesty, and we are excited to work with quality clients in this sector. We can help steer the evolution of resources in a healthy, honest, transparent and balanced direction that is critical for humanity, as we get opportunities to help discover and move forward critical projects in the future. We are humbled by the incredible clients we have worked with so far and the new opportunities we see on the horizon.

Open house after the 2022 UDOT Annual Conference 

Are you attending the Utah Department of Transportation Conference Wednesday, October 26? We will be there all week at booth #415. Since the conference is in our backyard we have decided to throw an open house with food, fun and drinks! Consider this your formal invitation to join us for an open house after the UDOT Conference October 26 from 4 to 6 p.m. at our headquarters in Sandy, UT. Meet and mingle with the team, learn what exciting developments are happening with Mineralocity Aggregates and of course have fun! Please RSVP here so we can get a head count and order gourmet food. 

Mineralocity Aggregates: CEO Minute

We were able to sit down with Burgex and Mineralocity CEO Chris Summers for a quick interview this week. Mineralocity is evolving into a more interactive platform with additional layers to synthesize data for business intelligence-type analysis. From producers to suppliers and investors, Mineralocity is vital for the mineral market’s analysis needs. Click the link HERE to hear the full interview and learn more about Mineralcotity Aggregates.


This short video HERE explains and explores the land cover layer that can be used while using the Mineralocity Aggregates platform.
The platform also provides a host of other interactive layers such as estimated annual production range of existing commercial quarries, favorable geological units for construction aggregates, regional economic and population growth indicators for future planning and projections, and more. If YOU have any questions feel free to reach out to us directly and let us know. Email or call us at 801-648-6463.