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26 May, 23

What is Claim Guard, and Why Does Your Exploration Company Need it?

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Claim Guard, an exclusive service provided by Burgex, was developed in response to the growing need of clients to protect their mining assets. But what exactly is Claim Guard? It is a comprehensive mining claim renewal process that takes care of all the necessary steps to renew your mining claims with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the respective counties where your claims are located. As many mining claim owners are aware, the renewal process is not a simple task. It involves understanding the specific requirements of each state and ensuring timely submission of payments to the BLM before the strict September 1 deadline, without any grace period. 

We specifically designed this service for clients who own ten or more mining claims. For clients with ten or fewer claims, they qualify for the “Small Miners Exemption,” and therefore, we do not handle the filing on their behalf. As experienced landmen and claim stakers in the mineral exploration field, we have received numerous calls from stressed clients who have forgotten to file their claim renewals. 

Imagine being the president of an exploration company, tirelessly seeking the next significant discovery, regardless of the commodity. You have secured funding from investors, written countless reports about your project, and possibly even listed it on the TSX if luck was on your side. However, in the midst of all this, you completely overlook the crucial claim renewals. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of mining laws in the United States, or maybe it simply slipped your mind. August, the peak exploration season, leaves little time for paperwork when you are out in the field. The result? You miss the September 1 deadline, and your claims vanish into thin air, void and open for location by anyone else. 

We understand that this nightmare scenario is one you do not want to experience. We have witnessed enough distressed clients calling us in September, desperately asking us to rectify their mistake as quickly as possible. 

Thankfully, for you and your project, we have developed Claim Guard to alleviate this burden. With so much on your plate, worrying about the status of your claims should not be one of your concerns.

We take care of all your claim renewals, including the necessary filings with the BLM. If you need to drop any claims, we handle that process as well. Additionally, we file the Notice of Intent to Hold with the appropriate county or counties. For claims located in California, we can also perform the required claim maintenance prior to filing the affidavit at the county

Claim Guard
Burgex works hard in the office and in the field to ensure your claims are valid.

Ultimately, mineral exploration is an expensive and challenging endeavor, and it becomes even more daunting if you make mistakes along the way. At Burgex, we are invested in the success of your project. We want to witness your project’s journey from greenfield exploration to production. That is why we are continually expanding our services to support the growth and prosperity of your project. 

By choosing Claim Guard, you can focus on the critical aspects of exploration while we take care of your claim renewals and ensure the security of your mining assets.