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Number of mining claims renewed since 2020 with our trusted service, Claim Guard

Who oversees annual claim maintenance filings for your mining claims? Every year, Burgex receives phone calls from very upset people that have forgotten or overlooked the filing deadline and lost all of their claims – and there is no grace period from the Bureau of Land Management. We aim to fix this problem.

This is a friendly reminder that BLM Maintenance Fees are due BEFORE September 1st. There are no exceptions – a missed payment is a dropped claim!  Luckily, there are no restrictions on how early you can process your renewals, which means you can initiate the process today!

When you enroll in our Claim Guard Program, Burgex will manage the BLM and County renewal process for you, ensuring your mineral rights are not deactivated.  For more information and a free estimate, respond to this email or simply click this link. 

Claim Guard is a full-service program that ensures your investment is properly filed, and maintained, from the County level to the BLM. Simply pay once a year and Burgex will do the rest.

Claim Guard covers:

  • Filing annual BLM Maintenance Fee and confirming successful processing
  • Filing a Notice of Intent to Hold with the appropriate County Recorder
  • Filing Abandonment of Claims, if needed
  • Secure folder access 


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Thomas Klein
VP Exploration - Nevada
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Thank you for your professionalism and getting NV Gold’s BLM and county renewals processed according to the statute and managed in a timely manner. It was an immense help getting the Company’s landholdings well organized and secured in your Claim Guard system, which keeps the renewal process simple and straightforward! And I would especially like to thank you for your excellent communication behavior and always finding a way to help us out with new and sometimes small claim staking opportunities! Looking forward to working with Burgex in the future!
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