Claim Guard – A great new service for the 2021 Filing Season

Claim Guard is a full-service program that ensures your investment is properly filed, maintained, and monitored each year, from the County level to the BLM. Simply pay once a year and Burgex will do the rest.

Who oversees annual claim maintenance filings for your mining claims? Is it a staff Geologist? A law firm perhaps? Or are you taking on this burden yourself? Every year Burgex receives phone calls from very upset people that have forgotten or overlooked the filing deadline and lost all their claims. Did you also know that there is no grace period from the Bureau of Land Management?

Improper filing means:

-Losing all rights to your mining claims- ZERO mineral rights!

-Any grandfathered rights the claim may have had- GONE!

-Huge risk from claim jumpers!

-Starting over completely

-Re-stake claims ($200-$1,000+ per claim)

-Re-file with BLM and County ($255+ per 20 acres)

This simple mistake can cost your company millions of dollars and is a massive headache to correct – if it can be corrected at all.

We are here to help! Chances are you have already worked with us before and you know we take care of everything related to your mining claims. Questions about your claims? We have answered them.  Amendments? We have corrected them and filed them quickly.  So why not have that same level of confidence in your annual renewals?

Claim Guard Covers

  • Filing a Change of Address with County and BLM, ensuring Burgex receives all current and future information regarding your claims for continuous monitoring.
  • Verify mining claims are properly filed with County and BLM and working with you to rectify any potential problems before they occur.
  • File annual BLM Maintenance fee and confirm successful processing.
  • File a Notice of Intent to Hold with the County Recorder.
  • Correct and file any potential Amendments that are identified.
  • File Abandonment of Claims if needed.
  • Password protected folder of mining claim documents with records of continuous monitoring and filings.

Additional Services may include: (additional fees may apply)

  • Maintaining physical mining claim posts
  • Removing claim posts where required

How to Enroll

Simply send us an email that says “HELL YES” and we will send out an estimate for your approval. Once the invoice has been paid in-full, sit back, and relax and know that your claims are guarded!

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