Mineral Exploration News

Burgex Inc. is pleased to announce that we are launching a new section on our website dedicated to the latest news about mineral exploration and mining consulting. In this section we will cover cutting edge exploration technologies and techniques as well as cover some of the currently projects and announcements from the company.  We aim to provide regular updates and information that you will find interesting.

The mineral exploration industry is ever changing. While many mineral exploration geologists, engineers, and consultants rely on traditional methods, there are many that are branching out into cutting edge technologies such as UAV data collection. With our exposure to many different projects and sizes of companies throughout the industry we see a lot of different methods employed including some that are cutting edge and have not been mentioned elsewhere.

We are actively consulting on a number of different mineral projects throughout the globe covering a wide array of minerals from precious metals through industrial minerals. This diversity gives us a good look at the overall industry as well as the individual sectors.

While many of our clients wish to keep their projects and the services we provide them confidential, there are others, such as public companies who welcome exposure and news coverage. For these projects we may cover different aspect ranging from exploration results to equipment purchases, major production milestones, etc. The purpose of these news articles will be to inform our readers about the mineral exploration industry and the processes involved and show some real-world results that we have participated in obtaining.

Feel free to share any articles we have written. Please give us credit when publishing to other outlets. As always, thanks for reading.

If you have an idea for an article or project that we can cover, feel free to contact us! 

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