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Mineral Market Analysis

From Construction Aggregates to Industrial Commodities

Are you looking for more certainty in the mining industry? In our mineral commodity market analysis studies, we provide a comprehensive global, nationwide, and regional look at the supply and demand, pricing, and other economics that can affect your mining project. Our specialization ranges from construction aggregate market studies to many industrial commodities such as silica sands, phosphate, and calcium carbonate.

Mineral commodity market analysis studies tailored to
your specific project and location.

Comprehensive Perspective

When it comes to market research, we leave no stone unturned. The Burgex team approaches every project from a multi-dimensional and comprehensive perspective.

Reliable Expertise

Every mineral market analysis we do benefits from our 150+ years of combined expertise in the mining consulting and services industry.

Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and ability to produce thorough and accurate reports in a short amount of time.

Quickly Identify Market Opportunities

A market analysis study can provide a company engaged in or considering mineral production, such as construction aggregates, with valuable information on the size, growth, and trends of the market, as well as the competitors, customers, and suppliers in the industry. This information can help the company make informed decisions on issues such as pricing, production, marketing, and distribution. Additionally, a market analysis can help identify potential new market opportunities, as well as potential risks and challenges. Overall, a market analysis can be a valuable tool for helping a mineral production company make good business decisions by providing a clear understanding of the market and industry dynamics.

The Burgex team utilizes the latest in geospatial technology and analysis to leverage the important data and quickly identify potential market opportunities. With our mineral market analysis, you can get a move on with your project with comprehensive and efficient research at the ready.

We are prepared to assist you.

Our expert team of mining consultants is prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place.

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We have been using Burgex for over four years and they have consistently provided high quality and professional service.

We have worked with Burgex for everything from staking, underground exploration and reconnaissance, to ad hoc operational support. They have completed numerous large staking projects for us in the lower 48, always on time and on budget. They also stand by their work, working with us to promptly make corrections and amendments for any issues that may crop up.

I have recommended Burgex to many colleagues and will continue to do so.

Graham Boyd

Bart Stryhas PhD. CPG. Burgex has assisted me by staking 110 lode claims and subsequently gathering 560 soil samples. Both projects were located in very steep and brushy terrain with limited access. Their work achieved the highest of industry standards. Burgex utilizes strict SOP’s addressing the specific task at hand and the required safety measures. They are very timely in scheduling and complete the project work as requested. Burgex has compiled a team of both seasoned experts with extensive knowledge and capabilities in all aspects of mineral exploration and hard working technicians who pack the stakes and dig the holes! They produce high quality documents and data on time. I will continue to utilize Burgex and highly recommend them to everyone looking for a high quality mineral exploration contractor.


Bart Stryhas PhD. CPG.

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Our expert team of mining consultants is prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place.