Mining Claim Research: The Best New Resource

Mining Claim Map

The best resource for researching active lode and placer mining claims in the Western United States. Take your mining claim research to the next level! Burgex Inc. is a proud 2017 sponsor of Land Matters, the best new resource for mining claim research. As a mining consulting company that is significantly engaged in the location…

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Navigating Annual Claim Maintenance

Annual claim maintenance requirement chart

It’s almost September 1st again and time to make sure you have covered your annual claim maintenance requirements. Navigating the annual claim maintenance process can be a bit tricky. We have created this handy chart to help, we recommend printing it out for reference. To make things easier, we have also listed the basic claim…

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Stake a claim: It’s your right!

The West was built on the backs of prospectors and mules. These brave men, and even a few women, risked everything to scour the hills and streams of the Western U.S. in search of fortune. At the time, gold, silver, and copper rushes were the best opportunity to really make it big. A lucky handful…

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What are locatable minerals?

Locatable, Salable Minerals

What are locatable minerals? The General Mining Law of 1872, as amended, opened the public lands of the United States to mineral acquisition by the location and maintenance of lode and placer mining claims. Mineral deposits available for acquisition through this act are commonly called “locatable minerals.” These minerals include both metallic minerals (gold, silver, lead,…

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BLM Mining Claim Notice of Location Requirements

BLM Mining Claim

Drafting a new notice/certificate of location (NOL/COL) for a lode or placer claim can be intimidating. Most of the information available online is scattered and can be confusing or over-technical. The BLM mining claim notice of location requirements listed below were taken directly from the BLM Handbook (Rel 3-354: 10/15/2015). You can use these requirements…

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Finding Federal Land Open for Prospecting

Land Status Map

Whether you are looking for marble, industrial minerals, or precious metals, the process is the same. Finding federal land open for prospecting is a simple research process, but it is one that is critical for the success of your exploration project. Once you have picked a commodity and narrowed down a region where you would like…

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