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At Burgex, we understand the usefulness of XRF analysis in the mineral exploration and mining industry. Our team is equipped with a portable XRF analyzer that we can use on-site and in the field. XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) spectroscopy is an accurate and well-established tool to determine chemical composition of geologic materials. It has been used for laboratory analyses for decades, but with the recent advances in technology, it is now possible to use this method in the field through handheld or portable XRF analyzer.

The process works by exciting an atom via primary X-rays that the machine emits. Electrons are then ejected from the shell of the atom from the energy and emit secondary X-rays or “fluoresce”. Each element gives off a signature secondary fluorescence which is detected by the machine, yielding a very precise elemental composition of the prepared sample. However, the lower beam energy emitted by portable devices means that the returning secondary rays are also lower in energy. This means that hXRF machines cannot reliably detect lighter elements such as Li, Be, Na, Mg, and Al but the method can detect heavier elements all the way up to Uranium.

XRF can be used in the field to provide rapid geologic and chemical context, which assists geologists in sampling target mineralization features. Our team of experts can use this technology to provide accurate and reliable results on-site, reducing the need for laboratory analysis and enabling quicker decision-making.

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