MineFly: Aerial Mapping & Contour Product Services from EnviroMine Inc.

Aerial Mapping & Contour Product Services

MineFLY™ is a suite of products developed through the use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone.

The available suite of products include high quality, low cost:

  • High Resolution Aerial Photos
  • Digital Orthophotography
  • Contour Product Deliverables
  • Stockpile Volume Inventories
  • Mineral Reserve Estimates
  • Reclamation Grading Conformance

MineFly Image of Contours
Example of Contours.

Because UAVs fly relatively close to the ground, MineFLY products are produced at a much higher resolution compared to the traditional method using a full-size airplane.

MineFly Aerial Photo of Equipment
Example of an Aerial Photo.

UAV technology and associated software is capable of creating a surface model that is used to generate a topographic map down to 1-ft contours.* MineFLY products can utilize existing ground control, or EnviroMINE can work with a licensed surveyor to establish new ground control, if needed.

MineFLY customers have found these services to reduce the cost and time associated with obtaining aerial photos, maps, and related deliverables.

As a mining industry innovator, EnviroMINE’s MineFLY suite of products were highlighted in an article titled “Flying High on Potential of UAV Technology in Construction and Beyond”, in the latest issue of California Asphalt, a CalAPA publication. The article focused on the use of UAVs for commercial purposes within the mineral resources industry.

Legality and Safety

In order to legally use a UAV for commercial services, theFederal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires the operator to have a Section 333 exemption, Certificate of Authorization Waiver (COA), aircraft registration, and a licensed pilot to fly the UAV.

EnviroMINE is in compliance with all of the FAA’s UAV regulations. Those who do not comply may be fined.

“Flying unmanned aircraft in violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations is illegal and can be dangerous,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta in an October 2015 FAA press release that brought attention to a $1.9 million fine against a company that violated the UAV regulations.

By hiring EnviroMINE for your aerial mapping and contour product services, your company will save time, reduce costs, and be FAA compliant.

*The data collected has a relative accuracy from 10 cm down to 4 cm. Sub-inch absolute accuracy (real-world coordinates) is achievable when ground control is used.

Contact Crystal Howard for more information about the MineFLY suite of products at (619) 284-8515 or Crystal@EnviroMINEinc.com.


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