Southeastern Aggregate Production Map


As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our mineral market analysis, mining consulting, and exploration services, the Geographic Information System (GIS) team at Burgex Mining Consultants has been busy developing a comprehensive interactive geospatial model of construction aggregate supply and demand in the Southeastern United States. Likewise, Burgex has built a team of experts…

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Drone Use


Drone technology isn’t new, but the applications constantly change on where they can be used and how.The first unmanned aerial vehicles developed in Britain and the USA during the First World War: Britain’s Aerial Target and the USA’s aerial torpedo known as the Kettering Bug. These pilotless vehicles were actual aircraft with no onboard passengers…

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Geochemically Evaluating Your Claim: Mobile Metal Ions

Soil Sample Testing

So, you have identified a parcel of land and are heading out to stake your claim. Awesome work prospector! Now, whether your claim is informed by historic production or perhaps you have a hunch on what lies underfoot, you most likely want to investigate what precious metals, base metals, and other minerals you now have…

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