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Burgex has several skilled and certified UAV pilots. With a fleet of drones that all shoot high quality 4k videos and have other payload options, we can provide you cinema quality video for any mine, site or project. Our main drone is the DJI M300 RTK see specs and info below: 

  • Aircraft – DJI M300 RTK (Matrice 300)
  • 35 to 55-minute flight time and hot-swap battery system provides best-in-class coverage in the least amount of flight time
  • Operates between -20C and 50C which enables year-round survey regardless of climate
  • 15 km transmission range allows for long-distance coverage and data collection
  • Zenmuse P1 sensor – 45MP (Megapixel) for photogrammetry
  • Multiple payload options for UV/Infrared (Multispectral imagery), LIDAR, geophysical tools
  • Burgex has several Certified sUAS pilots