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Mineralocity Aggregates

Mineralocity Aggregates was developed by Burgex Inc. Mining Consultants to be the leading platform for construction aggregate mineral market intelligence in the United States.

The Mineralocity Aggregates platform will generate weeks or even months’ worth of actionable mineral market analysis research within minutes. This powerful platform enables local, regional, and national construction aggregate producers to analyze current operations, select greenfield sites, and develop long-term plans for growth. The platform is also valuable for suppliers to the aggregate industry, contractors who purchase construction aggregates, and both governmental and private analysts or researchers who wish to intimately understand infrastructure construction and growth trends on a national scale.

Within the mining industry, transportation logistics and costs (as well as environmental, regulatory, labor access, and utility factors) weigh heavily on every operation worldwide. The viability of these operations hinges on the economic interplay of these factors. Within the construction aggregate industry specifically, transportation logistics are critical and can only be effectively evaluated with accurate market intelligence.  

Mineralocity Aggregates Platform